Tree (SOLD)
Picnic at the Minks (SOLD)
Field of Gold (SOLD)
West Wind Trees (SOLD)
Looking West (SOLD)
Escarpment (SOLD)
Red Barn (SOLD)
Haven't Seen a Thing (SOLD)
Pretty River Valley, Spring
Tenth Line (SOLD)
The Clouds Above (SOLD)
Clearview (SOLD)
Layered Fields (SOLD)
Shoal Bay (SOLD)
Take a Chance
On Trying
Something New
Black Bills IV, 2015
Black Bills I, 2015
Ojibway Bay Sky, 2016
Black Bills VI, 2015
Black Bills II, 2015
Black Bills V, 2015
Black Bills III, 2015
Winter Walk, 2017
Love the One You're With, 2017
Carey Rocks, 2017
Oak Island Study, 2017
Just Like Yesterday, 2017
Little Fogo Sketch, 2017
Untitled, 2018
Different Directions, 2017
The West Wind Moves, 2017
Two Feet from Anywhere, 2017
Ugo Igo Sunset (after Thompson), 2017
Still on my Feet, 2017
From Time to Time, 2017
Going Home, 2017
Ascent to Light, 2017
Lifted by Light (study), 2017
I Put my Troubles Away, 2017
Little Fogo Island III, 2017
Let it Slip Away, 2017
I Grew Up Believing, 2017
Still Standing, 2017
Shortcut Adventures, 2017
McQueen's View, 2017
Passing By, 2015
Shoals I, 2016
Shoals II, 2016
Horizon, 2016
Clovelly Sunset, 2016
The Minks I, 2016
Green Hills, Draw of the Valley, 2016
Jardine Sideroad, 2016
Little Fogo Island, 2016
Out There, 2016
Little Fogo Island II, 2016
Singhampton, 2016
Until I Am Myself Again, 2018
Islands of Trees, 2016
Perry’s Cove, 2018
Frenchman's Well, Right Wall 2017
Frenchman's Well, Left Wall  2017
Finding the Joy, 2018
All the Days Above, 2018
Eastern Tickle, Fogo Island  2017
Western Islands I, 2018
Don’t Say When, 2018
And in the Field Stood a Barn, 2018
Drawn by the Pull, 2018
Let Your Soul Take You Away on a Trip, 2018
When the Lights Go Out, 2018
The Heart Trails Throughout, 2018
Just Come Home
What Did We Do Before?
Oliver's Cove Beach, Fogo Island
Always Searching
Wish You Were Here
No Time to Waste
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