Come Down + Show Me the Way, 2018
No Time to Waste, 2018
Until I am Myself Again, 2018
I've Always Wanted to Shine, 2018
Wish You Were Here, 2017
When my Time Comes Around, 2018
Eastern Tickle, Fogo Island  2017
All the Days Above, 2018
And in the Field Stood a Barn, 2018
Western Islands I, 2018
Always Searching, 2018
Oliver's Cove Beach, Fogo Island 2017
Drawn by the Pull, 2018
Let Your Soul Take You Away on a Trip, 2018
Just Come Home, 2018
What Did We Do Before? 2018
Don’t Say When, 2018
When the Lights Go Out, 2018
I Can't Go Back Now, 2018
The Heart Trails Throughout, 2018
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